Airbnb Road Trips Website

Project Role: Design Lead, Art Director

From the Alaskan wild to the coast of Maine, I was asked to design a website to showcase ten U.S. road trips. Thanks to Airbnb hosts opening their homes across the country, we found this data driven story to share with consumer facing media and our Airbnb social followers.



I worked with a copywriter, creative director, engineers and an illustrator to bring this website to life in under a weeks time. First, we started with the road trip routes discovered by data science. Secondly, I suggested we have a close tie to product and lead users into our core product flow to ultimately book a stay on Airbnb along one of these road trip routes. Additionally, I managed engineers to deliver on the approved direction for the web design under an extremely tight deadline. 

Our team named each route and provided descriptions of the experiences to be had along each route. Based on these names, I art directed illustrator Felix Talkin to create iconography for each road trip, I selected imagery and created the final route assets seen below.

Final Designs

Final, approved mockups below.