Art Institute of Chicago iPad App

Project Role: Design Lead

The Art Institute of Chicago hired the IMA Lab to design and develop an in-gallery iPad application called LaunchPad for their European Decorative Arts galleries.

LaunchPad provides in-depth object information for visitors while offering a flexible design for the expanding nature of curatorial content. Installed in the same space as the objects themselves, the iPads’ placement allows museum visitors to further their understanding and engagement with the objects on display. The app is object-centric and broken down into a Cluster and Chronological Attract Screen, Guided Tours, Related Stories, 360 Artwork Rotations, and an About the Object section. 

Since its successful launch, the app has also been installed in the Ancient, Roman, and Byzantine Art galleries and a museum-wide installation is anticipated. 

Final Designs

Final, approved mockups below.

Style Guide

After wireframing the app, conducting paper prototype user testing, designing the UI, and receiving client approval, I prepared a style guide with all page element styles and interface assets as well as a guide for animation for our engineers.